Powder Coating Colors

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The entire team at Panhandle Powder Coating promises to treat your work with maximum care to ensure the highest quality service available in any area. Our team is committed to meeting and exceeding the industry standards, resulting in a product we are sure you will be proud to own.

Media is that which is used to prep the surface and can be from mine tailings to shaped plastics of known shape and density to corncobs to both peanut and walnut shell to to bqking soda. In walnut shell blasting the nutmeats are removed so that no harm comes to them as sentient beings. In track blasting used to prep concrete flooring the medium is steel lathe and mill shavings, nails and nuts and bolts. IOW the selection of the blast media is wide and varied. I would need to see evidence that any heat is produced enough to cause balling of old paint or powdercoat.

I had heard many good reports on the work which Joe Gaddini of SWR was doing and gave him a call about my project. We agreed he would perform the barrel replacement/headspacing, milling the SEF plastic lower to fit the semiauto HK94 receiver, installation of the pseudo SEF locking pin, installation of the MP5 paddle mag release, and bead blast/parkerize the entire receiver. He would then ship it back to me for the final powder coating and reassembly.

Electrodeposition either by spray or by fluidized bed technology is the normal mode of powder application. Flame and plasma spray are also currently used for deposition of powders. Companies with new technology would be welcome to demonstrate their technology within the center. Application of powders to non-metallic substrates would have potential with respect to future development in new powder coating markets.

The scholarships are awarded annually to student researchers who have met the criteria for the awards which includes relevance to the powder coating technology, comprehensiveness of the university program, future goals, unique qualifications and a letter of recommendation from their adviser. The awards will be used for tuition and research projects.

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